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Display Cabinet Alexander with Lighting
Bookcase made from solid Mahogany and veneers such as walnut, madrona and maple with LED.<br />
The top has 2 movable glass shelves. The base has 2 doors with unusual brass pulls and a wooden shelf.<br />
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Bookcase Manhattan, with Lighting
Inspired by the old Hollywood times: vitrine with clear coated mappa inlay accents that decorate the front. Through the oval glass you can see the&nbsp; 4 glass shelves inside.<br />
With&nbsp; LED lighting.<br />
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Vitrine Garbo with Led
A smaller cabinet that also fits nicely in smaller apartments. <br />
Elegant flower decoration hand painted in chinoiserie style. Inside are 3 shelves. underneath is a drawer.<br />
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Cabinet Arthur
Inspired by Art Deco:&nbsp; handy shelving unit made from rosewood veneer.<br />
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Shelving Unit La Moda Nuovo with led
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Display Cabinet Parma, with Lighting
Louis XVI style vitrine made of solid mahogany. hand carved&nbsp; Acanthus leaves, square tapered legs and some carvings on the skirt.&nbsp; 2 glass shelves and optional LED.<br />
Shown here in EM finish.<br />
<br />
Matching: 34164 arm chair, 34166 3 seater, 34167 side table, 34165 2 seater, 34168 Coffee table, 34216 tv stand<br />
Vitrine Jerome, with LED Lighting
Heavy carved vitrine made from Ash wood. The whole shape is unique: Interestingly shaped carved legs, 2 doors and middle section and the sand blasted back mirror.<br />
This piece includes 3 glass shelves and LED lights. Finished here in Ash Medium.<br />
<br />
Matching: 34154 dining chairs, 34153 dining table.<br />
Vitrine Carmel with LED Lighting
Chinoiserie China cabinet shown here in black and NF4 inside. On the doors rural landscapes and delicately hand painted in 3D. The top has 2 glass shelves and a mirrored back plus LED lights. The base includes 3 drawers and 2 shelves inside. Can be matched with most Chinoiserie style furniture or as an eye catcher with other styles.<br />
China Cabinet Chinoiserie, With Led
Inspired by the old Hollywood times: cabinet with clear coated mappa onlay accents that decorate the front. 3 drawers are inside. the doors can be opened with brass rozette pulls.<br />
Cabinet Garbo
<p>Big bookcase in Empire style with hand carved arcanthus capitals and columns. Bookcase comes "Knock-Down" and includes 8 wooden shelves and LED lighting.</p>
<p>Shown in EM finish and JWI inside.</p>
Bookcase Rollins, With Led
Italian inspired cabinet in mahogany. Carved arcanthus capitals and other carved decoration on top and columns. 4 glass shelves and mirrored back. The middle of the cabinet is seperated by a glass wall. Carvings and top are shown in this picture with NF11 gold accents. This item includes LED lights.<br />
Cabinet Celline, With Led
Chinoiserie cabinet featuring rural paintings on the mid- and sidepanels and decorative ornament on the skirt, legs and top. The inside has a mirror back and 2 shelves. It comes with LED.<br />
Display Cabinet Chinoiserie Camille with Lighting
<p>English corner cabinet with delicate lattice work on the windows, broken scroll pediment and urn shaped finial. The doors are decorated with oval shaped swirl veneer. The upper part has 2 movable glass shelves, the bottom has 1 wooden shelf. It comes with LED lighting. </p>
<p>Shown in EM finish and the inside is done in JWI. </p>
Corner Cabinet Curved Escott, with Lighting
Chinoiserie Silver Cabinet
Large bookcase with swirl veneer and hand carved accents on the frames and legs. The middle top section has 3 adjustable wooden shelves. The sides have each a glass door with 3 glass shelves. The bottom consists of 9 oak drawers and 1 cupboard with 1 wooden shelf. Can be matched with 33743 desk.<br />
George II Bookcase Swirl with Lighting
Carved Bar Chinoiserie with LED
Breakfront 'Cardiff', with Lighting
Bombe China Cabinet Clawfeet
French Vitrine LED
<p>This item hes been discontinued.</p>
<p>Available in NWND-finish.</p>
Display Cabinet, Curio, Tiffin with Led Lighting