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Very decorative, hand carved mirror made from solid mahogany. Shown in NF-9.<br />
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Mirror Boucle
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Mirro Cairo
Gilded mirror made from solid hand carved mahogany.<br />
The beveled mirror is placed on top of the frame , which gives this mirror a special look.<br />
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Mirror Rizo
Beveled mirror. Maple and Walnut inlays in solid Mahogany.<br />
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Mirror Landscape Manhattan
Part of the Manhattan collection: beveled mirror. Shown with AGRN leather and solid mahogany accent.<br />
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Mirror Manhattan
Part of the Vienna setting:<br />
Landscaped bevelled mirror in solid mahogany. Shown in NF1 finish.<br />
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Mirror Vienna
Beautifully hand crafted beveled mirror. Made from solid mahogany and shown in NF9 finish.&nbsp; Carvings represent feathers.<br />
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Mirror Daun
Elegant beveled mirror made from Mahogany.<br />
The painted flowers are in chinoiserie style which means relief.<br />
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Mirror Arthur
Elegant solid mahogany mirror with extensive carvings of grapes and vines.<br />
Shown in NF-9 finish<br />
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Mirror Vigne
Small mirror with an interesting shape.<br />
Frame consists of eglomised pieces and wooden frame for which NF-9 is used in this picture.<br />
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Mirror Eglomised
Inspired by Art Deco:&nbsp; Long rosewood veneered bevelled mirror.<br />
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Mirror La Moda Nuovo
Mahogany stand with eglomised mirrors featuring gold hand painted decorations.  The remaining parts are in NF-9 finish.

1 Drawer and 2 doors have normal finish inside.
Eglomised Stand
Interesting mirror made from mahogany and special designed embossed leather.

34199 night stand, 34200 dresser, 34198 bed, 34196 chair
Mirror Allure
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Mirror For Parma Sideboard
Octagonal beveled mirror with rich rosewood veneer.<br />
<br />
Matching: 34133 chair, 34132 dining table, and 34131 Sideboard<br />
Mirror Everett
Mahogany mirror to match the Claudia set has beveled mirror.
Mirror Claudia
Beveled mirror featuring banded swirl veneer and shown here with NF9 gold accents.<br />
Mirror Douglas
Italian inspired bed set: beveled mirror shown here in JWI finish and NF9 gold accents.<br />
Mirror Camalia
Romanesque shaped mirror in Rosewood veneer. Beveled mirror and small NF9 accent.<br />
Mirror Lillian
Mirror Amsterdam
Elegant mirror with detailed rose and ribbon carvings and beveled, tiled glass. Shown in JWI finish and NF-11 accents.<br />
Mirror Perugia, Large
Sweet mirror with detailed rose and ribbon carvings and beveled mirror. Shown in JWI finish and NF-11 accents.<br />
Mirror Perugia, Small
Mirror 'Riccolo'
Hand carved mirror featuring an urn pediment, rosettes and drapes. The glass is beveled. Shown here in NF9 finish.<br />
Mirror Cardiff
Another masterpiece that will make every room special: Chinoiserie is a decorative style introduced to Europe in the late 1600's by the large scale arrival of imported goods and pictures from China. This mirror is therefore also elaborately decorated and intricately patterned with Chinese motives. in black and gold<br />
Mirror Chinoiserie
Louis Wall Mirror
Louis XV Mirror