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David, Silver Statue
80056   new!
David, Statue
80055SIL   new!
Eagle, Silver Statue
80055   new!
Eagle, Statue
80054SIL   new!
Pig, Silver Statue
80054   new!
Pig, Statue
34505   new!
Table Lamp Anita
34450   new!
End Table Round
34449   new!
Occasional Table Italian, Inlaid
34446   new!
Lamp Table Octavia
Unusual set of 3 nesting tables with triangle shaped Ash burl veneer and solid legs.<br />
34444   new!
Nesting Table Alexander
Decorative French side table with trumpet legs made out of mahogany. Top has beauiful Burl veneer.<br />
The table has one drawer with a brass pull.<br />
34433   new!
French Side Table Printemps
Very decorative, hand carved mirror made from solid mahogany. Shown in NF-9.<br />
34432   new!
Mirror Boucle
Part of the Alexander series:&nbsp; TV stand made from ash and ash veneers, It includes 2 glass doors and 4 drawers with brass pulls.<br />
34431   new!
TV Stand Alexander
Part of the Alexander series:&nbsp; Arm chair&nbsp; made from ash and ash veneers. <br />
34430-1F   new!
Arm Chair Alexander
Part of the Alexander series:&nbsp; Extension dining table made from ash and ash veneers, non extended 200 cm, each ext. 50 cm, max 300cm.<br />
34429   new!
Three Seater Sofa Alexander
Part of the Alexander series:&nbsp; Server made from ash and ash veneers,<br />
Inside there is 1 self. Doors have brass pulls.<br />
34427   new!
Server Alexander
34426   new!
Display Cabinet Alexander with Lighting
34420   new!
Secretary Desk Choiserie
34411   new!
Nesting Table Cairo
34410   new!
Mirro Cairo
34409   new!
Console Table Cairo
34408   new!
Plant Stand Table Cairo
Double banded extension table in Regency style: flamed mahogany veneer on the top. carved solid skirt and brass casters.<br />
Non extended 212cm plus 2 leaves each 50 cm. <br />
34406   new!
Dining Table Berkely
Stylish commode including 3 shaped drawers. each drawer is decorated with 3 ribbon and reed pulls with flower motives. <br />
34404   new!
Commode Three Drawer Burl
Gilded mirror made from solid hand carved mahogany.<br />
The beveled mirror is placed on top of the frame , which gives this mirror a special look.<br />
34403   new!
Mirror Rizo
Extraordinary Biedermeier inspired jewelry chest made from solid mahogany and burl&nbsp; veneer. <br />
Secret way to open the drawers.<br />
Included a mirror and 6 drawers in different sizes and different compartments.&nbsp; Some compartments have extra lids with brass pulls.<br />
The outside has brass decorations and handles.<br />
34402   new!
Jewelry Chest Arlington
<p>Upholstery 092F</p>
<p>Soft occasional sofa. shape is elegant yet modern. The legs are simple and from mahogany.<br />
The back has tufting.</p>
34396F   new!
Two Seater Sofa Madrid
Inspired by Tomazo Buzzi:&nbsp; exclusive writing desk made from ash, and olive ash veneers. The desk has 1 drawer and 2 side doors. On the right side 2 simple drawers on the inside. Modern inner hardware, outside brass pulls.<br />
The back is plain.<br />
34394   new!
Desk Lombardy
<p>Unique chair that has both Italian and Biedermeier style looks.</p>
<p>The frame is made of solid ash. The rail is decorated with Olive Ash veneer.</p>
<p>Can be used as occasional or as dining chair.</p>
<p>Shown here in Ash Medium finish and Calico.</p>
34393Q   new!
Chair Lombardy
Masterpiece chest of&nbsp; 2 drawers. Sides have eglomised mirrors and front, side and top feature delicate oriental reverse glass paintings. Drawers with simple brass pulls<br />
34392   new!
Commode 2 Drawers, Reverse Glass Painted
Chair made from Rosewood veneer to match the la Moda writing table.<br />
34391K   new!
Arm Chair La Moda Nuovo
Nice bookcase shown in BS finish: Mahogany with burl veneer.<br />
Carvings on the base, delicate inlays on the sides and stiles.<br />
decorative skirts on each shelf,<br />
34382   new!
Open Bookcase Inlaid
<p>Sheraton inspired Console with elegant fluted legs.</p>
<p>The grooved front on the 3 drawers and the simple brass pulls give this console a modern twist.</p>
34380   new!
Console Frivole
Art Deco inspired folding screen as seen in the movie Pretty Woman. <br />
The paintings shows ducks swimming in a lake. The top has an interesting cut pattern.Only available in special finish.<br />
34379   new!
Folding Screen Art Deco
34378   new!
Commode Chinoiserie Italian, Cream Marble Top
<p>High value Italian commode made with delicate marquetry and parquetry inlays.</p>
<p>A variety of exotic wood is used including rosewood and ash.</p>
<p>The 2 drawers can be opened with brass handles.</p>
<p>Only available in Special finish.</p>
34377   new!
Commode Italian Inlay
Handy set of 3 nesting tables&nbsp; with interesting hand paintings on each top in chinoiserie style.<br />
34376   new!
Nesting Table Chinoiserie
Floor lamp made from Mahogany and Walnut veneer. Finish: Special<br />
Matching table lamp: 34374<br />
34375   new!
Floor Lamp Manhattan
Table lamp in Mahogany and Walnut veneer. The base has gold accents; the finish is Special.<br />
34374   new!
Table Lamp Manhattan
U shaped leg creates a modern look on this Sofa table. Mahogany and walnut veneers in a special finish.<br />
Gold accents decorate the skirt of the top and base of the leg.<br />
34373   new!
Sofa Table Manhattan
Modern, airy console. Solid mahogany with walnut veneers in Special finish.<br />
34371   new!
Console Table Manhattan
Ottoman nesting table made from walnut veneer and special finish.<br />
34369   new!
Nesting Table Ottoman Manhattan
Beveled mirror. Maple and Walnut inlays in solid Mahogany.<br />
34368   new!
Mirror Landscape Manhattan
Part of the Manhattan collection: beveled mirror. Shown with AGRN leather and solid mahogany accent.<br />
34367A   new!
Mirror Manhattan
Bookcase made from solid Mahogany and veneers such as walnut, madrona and maple with LED.<br />
The top has 2 movable glass shelves. The base has 2 doors with unusual brass pulls and a wooden shelf.<br />
34366   new!
Bookcase Manhattan, with Lighting
Part of the Manhattan series;&nbsp; coffee table with shelf and 1 drawer. Made from Mahogany, and a mixture of Madrona, Walnut and Maple veneers. The drawer is soft closing.<br />
34365   new!
Coffee Table Manhattan
Modern sofa designed for Jans2en.<br />
Mahogany legs, decorative piping. <br />
34363A   new!
Sofa Three Seater Manhattan
Modern sofa designed for Jans2en.<br />
Mahogany legs, decorative piping. <br />
34362A   new!
Sofa Two Seater Manhattan
Elegant fauteiuil with black piping as decoration:&nbsp; legs are mahogany.<br />
part of Manhattan setting<br />
34361A   new!
Chair Manhattan
Superbly elegant Center Table. Mahogany base with brass lion paw casters. rich gold decoration on special finish with a beautiful burl veneered top and various inlays<br />
34351   new!
Center Table Moncalvo
Combination of solid mahogany and different veneers such as walnut, madrona and maple. <br />
Each cabinet has a drawer and shelf. each door has a simple brass ring.<br />
34348   new!
Sideboard Manhattan
Decorative featherback bench made from solid mahogany.<br />
<br />
The back is delicately painted on EBN finish. The seat is decorated with brass upholstery tags. Shown here in Calico fabric.<br />
34344-1F   new!
Two Seater Hepplewhite Oval Back
Decorative featherback chair made from solid mahogany.<br />
<br />
The back is delicately painted on EBN finish. The seat is decorated with brass upholstery tags. Shown here in Calico fabric.<br />
34343-2F   new!
Side Chair Hepplewhite Oval Back
Decorative featherback chair made from solid mahogany.<br />
<br />
The back is delicately painted on EBN finish. The seat is decorated with brass upholstery tags. Shown here in Calico fabric.<br />
34343-1F   new!
Arm Chair Hepplewhite Oval Back
Part of the Vienna setting:<br />
Landscaped bevelled mirror in solid mahogany. Shown in NF1 finish.<br />
34338   new!
Mirror Vienna
Art Deco inspired Sideboard made from solid mahogany and delicate Maple inlay.&nbsp; Interior is full maple which delivers a nice contrast with the dark NF-1 finish. The center part has 1 shelf and 2 drawers&nbsp; inside, the 2 sides have 2 shelves each. <br />
The hardware is made from mat nickel.<br />
34337   new!
Sideboard Vienna
Art deco inspired:&nbsp; extendable dining table shown in NF-1 finish.<br />
Non extended: 200cm with 2 leafs it can be extended to 300 cm. Delicate maple banding.<br />
34336   new!
Dining Table Vienna
Transitional dining arm chair made from solid mahogany. The simple lines make this chair easy to match with most dining tables.<br />
Shown in NF-1 finish and Calico.<br />
34335-1R   new!
Arm Chair Vienna
Beautifully hand crafted beveled mirror. Made from solid mahogany and shown in NF9 finish.&nbsp; Carvings represent feathers.<br />
34334   new!
Mirror Daun
Pretty bookcase in Louis XVI style in Special finish.<br />
<br />
The 3 top sections have each 2 (re)movable wooden shelves, the base 3 shelves and 3 drawers with brass pulls.<br />
34332   new!
Bookcase French Louis
Part of the Louis office:&nbsp; French chest with 4 drawers made from Mahogany. Special finish with gold painted accents. 4 big drawers with ornate brass levers and keyholes. More brass accents on the feet and sides.<br />
34331   new!
Chest French Louis
Mahogany Etagere with 5 different shelves. Looks nice also as a pair.<br />
Shown in EBN finish and Nf-9 accent.<br />
34330   new!
Bookrack Rustic
Modern looking table made from oak. Fluted pedestals and a skirt.
34327OAK   new!
Dining Table A La Moda, Oak
34326   new!
Coffee Table Evita
34324   new!
Sofa Two Seater Evita
Inspired by art deco: Chaise Lounge with a sleek, elegant&nbsp; shape.<br />
Made from Rosewood veneer and Mahogany. <br />
Perfect as a daybed or on the foot end of the bed.<br />
34317E   new!
Day Bed Cleopatra
Inspired by the old Hollywood times: vitrine with clear coated mappa inlay accents that decorate the front. Through the oval glass you can see the&nbsp; 4 glass shelves inside.<br />
With&nbsp; LED lighting.<br />
34306LED   new!
Vitrine Garbo with Led
Japanese themed commode made from mahogany with 3 drawers and brass pulls.<br />
Only available in Special finish which includes silver leaf base and delicate drawing of a flowering tree branch.<br />
34305   new!
Commode Outono
Decorative side table in Louis XVI style.&nbsp; The top is cut in a flower shape with swirl, mahogany and maple veneer.The shelf has sleek maple inlay. The legs and skirt are solid carved mahogany with arcanthus leafs.<br />
34301   new!
Sidetable Louis XVI
This sofa features a mahogany frame with rich hand carvings on the legs and arms<br />
34298E   new!
Two Seater Louis
This 1 seater&nbsp; features a mahogany frame with rich hand carvings on the legs and arms <br />
34297E   new!
One Seater Louis XVI
<p>German style classic display cabinet shown here with LED.</p>
<p>Made from Ash and Olive Ash veneer.</p>
<p>It inlcudes 3 glass shelves, a drawer and features art deco style brass ware.</p>
34296LED   new!
Display Cabinet Cologne, With Led
Nice occasional piece made from Ash and olive ash veneer. The commode has typical chippendale legs, 3 drawers with ornate brass hardware.<br />
34293   new!
Commode 3 Drawer Ash, Ball and Claw
Small Jewelry cabinet in chinoiserie style.&nbsp; Made of mahogany. <br />
Inside 3 wooden shelves with velvet bottoms that can be pulled out. This item comes KD.<br />
34292   new!
Jewelry Cabinet Chinoiserie
Set of 3 nesting tables with eglomised tops and flower decorations in chinoiserie style.<br />
34291   new!
Nesting Table Chinoiserie Arthur
A smaller cabinet that also fits nicely in smaller apartments. <br />
Elegant flower decoration hand painted in chinoiserie style. Inside are 3 shelves. underneath is a drawer.<br />
34290   new!
Cabinet Arthur
Elegant beveled mirror made from Mahogany.<br />
The painted flowers are in chinoiserie style which means relief.<br />
34289   new!
Mirror Arthur
Console table with an eglomised top, 2 drawers and extra shelf. Finish is Ebony and decorative hand painted flowers in chinoiserie style.<br />
34288   new!
Consoletable Chinoiserie, Arthur
Elegant solid mahogany mirror with extensive carvings of grapes and vines.<br />
Shown in NF-9 finish<br />
34287   new!
Mirror Vigne
Small mirror with an interesting shape.<br />
Frame consists of eglomised pieces and wooden frame for which NF-9 is used in this picture.<br />
34286   new!
Mirror Eglomised
Occasional Eglomised chest with 3 drawers. Insides are finished in Em. The rest of the outside wood parts is finished in NF-9. Each drawer has 2 Brass pulls.<br />
34285   new!
Chest Eglomised
Etagere bookrack in Chinoiserie style which can be easily used as a room devider.<br />
Shelves have different heights . <br />
34284   new!
Bookrack Chinoiserie
Medium sized mahogany cabinet with beehive shaped mirror panels.<br />
34283   new!
Cabinet Hudson
Beautiful dining or center table. Special is the wonderful swirl veneer top. The legs are hand carved in the design of fish and finished in NF-9 accent. For the rest of the base rich rosewood veneer is used.<br />
34282   new!
Round Dining Table Lillian
Comfortable occasional chair made from solid mahogany.<br />
Simple sleek lines and just a few delicate organic carved symbols on the top of the front legs. Can be placed with any sofa style or in any bedroom.<br />
Shown here in Em finish and Calico,<br />
34277-O/R   new!
Chair Orgullo
Sideboard made from flamed mahogany veneer and some delicate maple inlay. Each section has a wooden shelf. The round brass pull draws attention to this stunning sideboard.<br />
<br />
This piece will attract attention anywhere in the house.<br />
34275   new!
Sideboard Sol
Art deco inspired occasional cabinet.<br />
The outside pattern is made of mahogany and accentuated with GG. Each door has a shiny brass lever. The maple interior includes a shelf.<br />
34274   new!
Cabinet Rofique
Interesting etagere in chinoiserie style shown&nbsp; in CHIN RED finish.<br />
The drawing on the doors of&nbsp; the cupboard represents farmers working the land . The doors have brass pulls.<br />
Also available: left version:<br />
34272<br />
34273   new!
Etagere Chinoiserie, Right
Interesting etagere in chinoiserie style shown here in CHIN RED finish.<br />
The drawing on the doors of&nbsp; the cupboard represents farmers working the land . The doors have brass pulls.<br />
Also available: right version:<br />
34273.<br />
Looks great in bed- or living room.<br />
34272   new!
Etagere Chinoiserie, Left
To make the set complete : Inspired by Art Deco:&nbsp; simple nesting table made from rich rosewood veneer.<br />
34246   new!
Nesting Table La Moda Nuovo
Inspired by Art Deco very elegant writing desk in diamond shaped rosewood veneer. The 5 drawers have oak inside and silver plated pulls. The legs have silver plated brass caps.<br />
34245   new!
Desk La Moda Nuovo
Inspired by Art Deco:&nbsp; simple hall table made from rich rosewood veneer.<br />
34244   new!
Hall Table La Moda Nuovo
Inspired by Art Deco:&nbsp; Long rosewood veneered bevelled mirror.<br />
34243   new!
Mirror La Moda Nuovo
Inspired by Art Deco:&nbsp; handy shelving unit made from rosewood veneer.<br />
34242   new!
Shelving Unit La Moda Nuovo with led
34205   new!
Two Seater Parma
Swedish inspired chair made from oak. Ergonomic shape.
Finish in Maduro
34195OAK   new!
Chair Ekberg, Oak
34194   new!
Mirror For Parma Sideboard
34193   new!
Display Cabinet Parma, with Lighting
34192   new!
Sideboard Parma
34188   new!
Console Table Parma
Small occasional table that can also work as snack table on a sofa.<br />
Art Deco style design made from mahogany with simple top. Shown here in EM.<br />
34187   new!
Snack Table Jeanne Circle
Small occasional table that can also work as snack table on a sofa.<br />
Art Deco style design made from mahogany.&nbsp; The top has some Maple inlay decorations typical for art deco. Shown here in EM.<br />
34186   new!
Snack Table Jeanne Square Leg
A complete new concept that can be pulled against a sofa; handy snack table in simple forms. Banded top.<br />
<br />
Suitable for many interiors.<br />
34185   new!
Snack Table Jeanne Basic
Occasional table made from mahogany with delicate maple inlay on the top. Also fits nicely as snack table for a sofa. This table can be folded for easy storage.<br />
<br />
Non foldable table: 34185<br />
34184   new!
Snack Table Jeanne Folding
33985ASH   new!
Drawer Cabinet Amsterdam
33982ASH   new!
Hallstand Amsterdam, Ash